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Welcome to the Rehoboth Worship Christian Church Family. The Rehoboth Worship Christian Church (RWCC) was birthed and established by Pastor Felecia “Fee” Bratton. RWCC held its first service Sunday, May 9, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. at the home of Pastor Fee in Fairburn, Georgia.  However, it was in the year of 2007 that the birthing process began for Pastor Fee to except the call of Pastor from our Holy Father. During those years, God continued to speak to her about answering the call.

It was in March 2010 that the Lord spoke the date of May 9, 2010.  As Pastor Fee was seeking God for wisdom and understanding about the date, her spirit began to hear “hold a church service.” As May 9th was approaching, Pastor Fee kept feeling a pulling from the Holy Spirit to have the church service and out of obedience the first service was held on Sunday, May 9, 2010, which was on Mother’s Day.  There were only thirteen people in attendance: Felecia “Fee” Bratton, Gloria Smith, Melvin T. Bratton, Eugenia Price, Chadra Thompson, Shajai Lewis, Alexis Smith-Jones, Travis Jones Jr., Samar Jones, King Jones, Josie Singletary, Cameron Singletary, and a neighbor of Pastor Fee. The first message that was preached was titled “I Will Not Be Distracted This Time”, which came from Nehemiah 6:1-7.The Lord met us that day through this powerful message.

After giving the preached word Pastor Fee announced to the congregation that the service was being held to publicly announce and acknowledge to God that she accepted the call of Pastor.   However, she stated that she did not know when the next church service would be held.  She mentioned it could possibly be six weeks from that day, but she was not sure when they would meet again.  But the Lord touched her heart that same week of the first service and also sent confirmation through other spiritual leaders to continue holding service. Being an obedient servant of God, she held another service the following week and we have continued to meet every Sunday since then.

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