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Motivational Monday

"This shall be the sign to you from the LORD, that the LORD will do this thing that He has spoken: " -Isaiah 38:7


God is always talking, but the question is are we listening? When we are in need of an answer or seeking God for help, we often ask for signs from God with the expectation to receive one but when God gives us just that, it’s not always easy to receive with an open mind and heart. Signs from God are privileges that shows us the love God has for us. If we are to take heed from these signs, we could potentially prevent heartache and situations that are sent out to destroy you from the enemy. Try being receptive to the signs God sends your way. He is protecting you from preventable situations that you may not be able to see. Instead of ignoring the signs while they are small, and allowing them to graduate into bigger problems, listen to the Holy Spirit’s direction the first time. God will always look after His own and knows every aspect of your life. So let’s open up and let Him in and be the conductor of our journeys. Pay attention to the signs. Be blessed this week and always! Faith > Fear.

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