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Motivational Monday

"They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it." -1 Peter 3:11 (NIV)


We all may know someone that has a negative outlook that comes with them. This can sometimes be contagious if we aren’t careful. It’s important to protect your peace and not allow the world to intrude its feelings unto your own. You might have to even let go of these people, not pick up when they call, and block those who are not pulling out God’s greatness in you. It’s not meant for everyone to understand your peace or your happiness and it’s ok if they don’t. God will take care of their needs and your needs as well. So if you’re not protecting your peace, start this week by doing so. Ask God to remove all means of negativity, no matter the culprit, out of your life and PROTECT YOUR PEACE! Be blessed this week and always! Faith > Fear.

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